Are you ready to create positive change?

With the use of gentle healing modalities, I am able to resolve issues and facilitate personal transformation that can be truly life changing.

About Susan

"I believe that people have everything they need within themselves to heal and to access their inner wisdom.
I facilitate this innate healing ability to achieve optimal health and well-being.”
Susan Bloom The Body Code

Susan Elliott Andrews is a natural and sensitive facilitator of healing who intuitively and thoughtfully guides each session with compassion and empathy. She grew up in Alaska and has lived in the Sun Valley, Idaho area for 30 years, where she discovered and developed her passion for helping others through her own journey of healing.

The Body Code ™

The Body Code™ is a modality that allows me to first discover the source of an issue, whether emotional or physical, through muscle testing, and then release or realign it through the principles of ancient Chinese medicine. Facilitating The Body Code™ is a gentle process that can be done over the phone and halfway around the world as easily and successfully as in my office. The Body Code™ was developed by holistic chiropractor Dr. Bradley Nelson and can be used very effectively with anyone.

Success Stories


My client contacted me before going on a trip, overcome with severe anxiety. She had experienced anxiety and some depression for the past twenty years, and was concerned the anxiety she was experiencing would adversely affect her trip. She felt euphoric and lighter after our session, and later told me it was a wonderful trip. "I know in my heart I was better". However, she was still experiencing some anxiety and wanted to continue. Four weeks later she told me that this was truly life changing and for the first time she felt great and completely free from anxiety.

Chronic Pain

A young woman came to me for chronic pain she had experienced for the past five years for which there was no explanation. Her pain level was a 7 out of 10, with 10 being most severe, and of constant duration. After her first appointment she was able to begin exercising again everyday. After the second session her pain reduced from a 7 to a 3. She continued to experience improvement each week, until four months later she came into my office completely free of pain and feeling wonderful.


A skilled and experienced client wanted to grow his business. He received glowing feedback from clients, but could not seem to build a sufficient client base. We discovered that subconsciously he did not want to grow his business because he didn't feel he deserved success; on a subconscious level he felt he was incompetent and not good enough, even though he was clearly capable. After releasing negative feelings about himself, he reported getting two new clients in two days, and his clientele continued to grow as we worked on a weekly basis to release his self-sabotaging beliefs.