My client contacted me just before going on the trip of a lifetime, overcome with severe anxiety. He had experienced anxiety for the past ten to fifteen years, along with depression during part of that time. He was generally a positive person, but had become very negative over the past few years. He was concerned his severe anxiety would adversely affect his ability to have a successful outcome.

After his trip, he said he felt euphoric and lighter after our session, and although he still had some anxiety around the travel, it was a wonderful and successful trip. He told me, "I know in my heart I was better". However, he was still experiencing some anxiety and a lack of motivation, accompanied by a knot in his stomach and feeling of dread, and wanted to continue our work. At the fourth appointment he reported feeling great every day since our session the week before. It was the first time he had felt great and completely free from anxiety in the past few years.

Chronic Pain

My client, a woman in her mid thirties, came to me for chronic pain she had been experiencing for the past five years. Her pain was in certain points on her body as well her neck, back and every joint, and she was afraid she would soon lose all mobility in her shoulders. She described her pain as a 7 on a scale of 0-10, 10 being most severe, and the duration was constant. Doctors could find no explanation for her pain, so she was searching for alternative solutions.

She was initially interested in energy work, and together we decided upon a combination of Healing Touch and The Body Code. After her first appointment she was able to begin exercising again everyday. After the second session her pain reduced from a 7 to a 3. She continued to experience improvement each week, until four months later she came into my office completely free of pain and feeling wonderful.


I worked with a young child who had food sensitivities and was experiencing eczema that was quite itchy and required lotion to sooth it. After one half hour session, I was told she is no longer itchy, and they do not have to use the lotion to sooth. I am amazed and thankful that it was greatly resolved after a thirty minute session, and feel that perhaps children are very open and easy to work with, and also have accumulated less experiences than we do as we age. In effect, there are perhaps less layers of the onion to peel in order to resolve an issue.


My client was a healthy thirty year old woman who had been trying to get pregnant for the past five years. During that time she conceived twice with the aid of Clomid, but subsequently miscarried both times. There was no apparent physical reason for her difficulty in getting pregnant, so she was searching for alternatives and discovered the book, The Mind - Body Fertility Connection, The True Pathway To Conception, by James Schwartz, a Hypnotherapist who believes that the mind-body connection is integral to conception.

Using Hypnotherapy and incorporating Healing Touch and The Body Code, we worked to release subconscious blocks that may have been preventing her body from being able to conceive, as beliefs or traumatic experiences in the subconscious mind can cause stress, which can cause hormone imbalance and prevent the body from conceiving. Very commonly there is trauma, perfectionism, previous abortion, miscarriage or family dysfunction at the root.

Less than three months later, my client became pregnant and when I last saw her she was four months along and healthy.


I was contacted by a woman who had experienced so much trauma that she was unable to discuss it with me at all. The trauma resulted in acute panic and we worked over the phone, using The Body Code, for a few weeks to release this. The entire time we worked together I had no background information whatsoever as to the cause.

A few weeks into our work together, events in her life triggered an acute panic attack. I set the intention to release the key reasons for her panic along with any self sabotage that was preventing her from being able to release panic, which I feel was integral to the success of the session. She later told me that thanks to me (The Body Code!), she was successfully healed from the acute panic attack she experienced.

* Although these are wonderful examples of healing, this may not occur for everyone, and the rate of healing may differ for each individual. Please follow the advice of your physician and use The Body Code, Hypnotherapy and/or Healing Touch as a complementary method of healing.