Letting Go with The Body Code

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I’ve heard so many times, “Just let it go!”, but it is always easier said than done. I am so glad I have tools, like the Body Code, to help me with that. These tools help me navigate the process. They allow me to not hold on quite so tight or be so sad with…

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Open to Miracles… Helping Animals with the Body Code

I’ve had animals all my life, and suffer along with them when they are injured or hurt. I am saddened and near tears when I hear of animals who are abused. So I know that animals can and do suffer from trauma that can cause issues. However, I didn’t know there was a way to…

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The Emotion Code / Body Code… What is it, exactly?

The Emotion Code / Body Code can be incredibly complex, but it doesn’t have to be. I’ve thought a lot about how to introduce it without rendering my audience comatose with the details. In a nutshell, The Emotion Code / Body Code is a method used to discover and release emotional baggage to resolve almost any…

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