Allow Yourself to Bloom Through The Body Code™, Hypnotherapy and Healing Touch

Sun Valley Idaho Therapist
Bloom /blo͞om/ verb 1. to thrive, to flourish, to open fully
To bloom is to enjoy a state of balance and harmony so that we can flourish in all aspects of our life. This is an innate desire in all of us, just as a flower seeks light from the sun and opens its petals. While we are always working toward this on a subconscious level, as we become more aware, we can make a conscious decision to be an active participant. Our state of health, feelings, thoughts and sense of connection reflect where we are in this process, communicating that we are either in balance and harmony or dis-ease and dis-harmony. 
Because everyone is a work in progress and on his or her own individual path, working toward balance and harmony is a unique experience. It may mean seeking an increased sense of wellbeing, a decrease in stress, a desire to be more mindful, or self-discovery, personal growth and a connection to our inner wisdom. It may also mean experiencing more joy, fulfilling relationships, release from chronic pain or freedom from habits, addictions or relationships that do not serve us.
Through The Body Code™, I am able to address almost any issue or goal, empowering my clients to create the change they are seeking. I have found The Body Code™ to be the most effective way to bring about this positive transformation, and use Hypnotherapy and Healing Touch as a complement to the process.
My story is one of a lifetime of hurtful family dynamics and emotional pain. I was burdened by feelings of worthlessness; I felt unsupported and was unable to express my needs, always putting others first. Healing Touch, Hypnotherapy and The Body Code™ opened a path that allowed me to advocate for myself, follow my heart and become authentic with myself and others. I began to heal the pain and step out of the loop of unhealthy relationships. 
Bloom Healing Arts The Body Code
Through this journey I have blossomed, and continue to open and bloom more fully everyday. I love my life, who I am and what I do, and I am deeply grateful for the process that brought me to this place of being.
Because of the difference this has made in my life, I have a passion to facilitate positive change and healing in others who are ready and willing to take this step. I am open and compassionate, supportive and encouraging, and I love to share these gifts through my work. I am honored to be a part of your healing process and positive change.
I practice The Body Code™, Hypnotherapy and Healing Touch in the Wood River Valley, close to Sun Valley, Ketchum, Hailey and Bellevue and 150 miles from Boise, Idaho. My office is located in the heart of Ketchum, in the Bitterroot Square Building, 208 Spruce Avenue, suite 302.
I offer sessions in person in my office, or remotely, either on the phone or face to face online. Although I am located in Ketchum, Idaho, I can work with you as easily and effectively halfway around the world as in my office.
Susan Bloom The Body Code

​Diploma in Regression Therapy - Andy Tomlinson, PLR Academy
Certified Hypnotherapist - International Association of Certified Therapists
Certified Hypnotherapist, PLR and Clinical Hypnosis - Paul Aurand, Holistic Healing Center, NY
Certified Healing Touch Practitioner - Healing Touch International, Healing Beyond Borders
Certified Body Code Practitioner - Dr. Bradley Nelson, Discover Healing
Certified Emotion Code Practitioner - Dr. Bradley Nelson, Discover Healing
Healing Touch Practitioner - Healing Touch International, Healing Beyond Borders
Supervisor of Foundation Hypnosis Training, PLRA