Hypnosis is a natural state of the subconscious mind involving focused attention and reduced peripheral awareness, which results in a state in which you are highly open to suggestion. Hypnosis is also referred to as a trance state or altered state of awareness. You enter a hypnotic state when meditating, listening to music, watching a movie or daydreaming, right before sleep and upon awakening in the morning.

How does Hypnosis work? Our mind is made up of two areas, the conscious and the subconscious. The conscious mind is our logical, thinking, decision making part and makes up a very small portion. Like the tip of an iceberg, it's the part we are aware of. The subconscious mind makes up the larger portion, although we are not aware of it or what resides there, much like the iceberg below the surface. However, it is important as it contains the programming for the way we behave and react in situations, our patterns, beliefs and the way we operate. Everything we have seen, heard, touched and experienced, both negative and positive, has created this programming.

When our conscious desires and subconscious programming are in alignment our lives work well and harmoniously. However, when what we want on a conscious level is at odds with our subconscious programming, we can run into difficulty. An example might be losing weight or enjoying a peaceful and harmonious relationship. It is not always as easy as just deciding to lose weight or not to sabotage our relationships to experience an instantaneous change in our life, as the key to those patterns and behaviors lie in the subconscious.

By purposefully inducing a hypnotic state, a Hypnotherapist can bypass the conscious mind and access the subconscious to elicit and create positive change and facilitate healing.

After my client enters a hypnotic state I am able to facilitate positive changes and healing through two different modalities: Clinical Hypnosis and Regression Therapy.

Clinical Hypnosis is a process that uses a hypnotic state specifically to elicit positive behavioral, emotional or physiological change through use of positive suggestions and guided imagery. This is a very relaxing and peaceful experience for the client as they are simply receiving the suggestions.

Clinical Hypnosis can help:

  • Control Pain
  • Prepare for and recover from surgery
  • Speed healing
  • Increase relaxation and well-being
  • Decrease anxiety and stress
  • Relieve depression
  • Reduce PTS and PTSD
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Aid treatment of cancer
  • Help with immune disorders
  • Support childbirth
  • Achieve weight-loss
  • Stop smoking
  • Enhance sports performance
  • Increase self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Facilitate personal growth and self-discovery
  • Increase self-love
  • "What would you like to create in your life?"

Regression Therapy is a process that uses hypnosis to access memories from the subconscious. The goal of Regression Therapy is to transform unresolved physical and/or emotional memories to free the client from the traumas of the past so they are able to live fully in the present. It is useful when there is an underlying reason that someone cannot achieve their goals through Clinical Hypnosis. In that case we must first discover the cause and then resolve it before the desired changes can be made.

Regression Therapy requires that the client be willing and open to clearing issues and they must be prepared to go to deep or buried memories. These memories can be recent, from childhood, or - as the subconscious contains all our memories - from the womb. Memories may also surface that we don't recognize, which can be referred to as a metaphor or past life. Whatever the memory, the origin is of little or no importance, the importance lies in the opportunity presented for transformation and resolution. Healing can then be facilitated through awareness, understanding, transformation and release of the trauma or event that occurred. Regression Therapy is by nature more interactive than Clinical Hypnosis and is often a dialogue between facilitator and client. Although it can be emotional, it is also often a profound, insightful and ultimately peaceful experience.

Regression Therapy can be effective in:

  • Resolving fears, phobias and obsessive behavior
  • Decreasing anxiety
  • Reduce PTS and PTSD
  • Achieving weight-loss
  • Alleviating sexual dysfunction
  • Resolving chronic unexplainable pain
  • Bringing understanding and healing to relationships
  • Resolving any issues that are holding us back from living our lives to the fullest.
  • Aid fertility and ability to conceive

I believe that each person has everything they need inside themself to heal, and access to their inner wisdom. I facilitate this innate healing ability to achieve optimal health and wellbeing.

The most important thing I do for my clients is to listen to them, and compassionately, intuitively, creatively, and with unconditional positive regard, help them to find the answers and resources and healing within themselves. We have everything within us to heal, and we have access to our own inner wisdom. I empower people to find this.

Healing with Regression Therapy. Healing comes in many forms and does not necessarily mean that our behavioral and relationship challenges or physical illness and disease will disappear overnight. Although this is possible, most of the time we must do our work, whether it is processing and releasing emotions, empowering ourselves, speaking our truth, forgiving, or making important changes in our lives. We tend to think of healing as returning to optimal physical health or eradicating our challenges. However, we don't always know the reason for our disease or challenge or in what form healing may come. Perhaps healing is coming to a place of understanding, forgiveness and acceptance. Healing may be transitioning through death with grace and ease. Although I would love to see my clients free from physical pain and suffering, I honor whatever form healing takes in them. I release expectation of outcome and make no comparisons. Ultimately, true healing is awakening our heart and healing our soul.

Susan, I am filled with gratitude and appreciation. Your patience and understanding is clear to me, and I feel your concern for my well-being. The original session with you had an immediate impact. It seems so much easier to do exactly what I know is the right thing to do. I am relaxed in facing the fact that I will not change overnight, but that I have the necessary tools to accomplish what is important for my health and well-being. This is your calling, I am sure. Thank you very much for giving me the benefit of your training. 

~  N.K.,  Wood River Valley, Idaho

I was intrigued when I first spoke to Susan about her work in Regression Therapy. I was familiar Brian Weiss' work and was curious if one of my recurring belief patterns was rooted in a past life. The insights I gained were rather profound and helpful in unraveling the under-layers of my belief pattern by exploring another dimension of possibility.  Susan was a calming, professional presence to work with and she creates a very safe environment, which I find essential for doing this deep, inner work.

~  K.M.,  Wood River Valley, Idaho

My work with Susan was extremely beneficial to my wellbeing. After sessions with Susan, I felt more peace and the knowingness that all was well and would continue to be so. As Susan guided me in each session I found myself journeying through past lives and connecting those experiences with present day concerns. With ease and trust I was able to release present anxieties and concerns. Susan is a compassionate, dedicated healer and I feel so fortunate to have traveled the Regression Therapy route with her. My mind is present... most of the time... thanks to Susan!

~  A.T.,  Hailey, Idaho

As with many fellow Wood River Seniors, I have been an athlete the majority of my life.  I was a nationally ranked swimmer, volleyball and softball athlete, alpine skier and equestrian.  Unfortunately with many active seniors, age related injuries and disease start "the wheels falling off syndrome".  I suffer from severe osteoarthritis, and migraines.  I have had 5 major surgeries in as many years and will have 2 shoulder replacements in 2019.  During my shoulder tricep, bicep and rotator cuff and hip replacement surgeries Susan did hypnotherapy before and after both surgeries.  I had both surgeries done with a local.  I am highly allergic to any form of narcotics or anesthesia.  With the help of Susan my after surgery medications were over the counter Tylenol for a couple of weeks.  No pain pills period.  My recovery time was very quick and successful.  I highly recommend the use of hypnotherapy for pain, and will have Susan help me with the 2 shoulder replacements.  Hypnotherapy is not just for pain, it can help with almost any problem you might have.

~  Amy B. Federko, Sun Valley, Idaho