Healing Touch

Healing Touch is a gentle, relaxing, nurturing energy therapy that uses light or no touch. It works in the body's energy field to effectively restore and renew physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance, facilitating the body's natural ability to heal.

In a safe, heart centered and energetically harmonious relationship with the client I am able to effect these changes. I work in the biofield of the body, releasing and clearing blocks to re-establish the natural flow of energy, and to open, clear and balance the energy centers of the body so they can function optimally, allowing the movement of energy from the universal energy field to the physical body.

Re-establishing balance and flow in the energy field and physical, emotional, mental and spiritual harmony supports the body's natural ability to heal, and puts the body in an optimal place for self-healing. I am a facilitator of healing. It is the client who heals themselves.

Healing Touch is safe for all ages, from babies to the elderly, and it is complementary to and can be effectively integrated with standard medical care and other modalities. Many studies have been done to prove the efficacy of Healing Touch, revealing that it reduces the time people spend in the hospital and speeds healing by days.

Susan Bloom The Body Code

Healing Touch is effective in...

  • Reducing stress and anxiety and lowering blood pressure.
  • Helping with depression.
  • Decreasing Pain.
  • Enhancing recovery from surgery.
  • Promoting healing, measurably reducing healing time.
  • Strengthening the immune system.
  • Providing complementary care for neck and back problems.
  • Supporting cancer care.
  • Easing acute and chronic conditions.
  • Creating a sense of well-being.
  • Deepening our spiritual connection, or connection with the world around us.

Healing Touch is therapeutic on its own and in combination with Hypnotherapy or The Body Code™, where it can enhance the other modalities and provide healing of its own. I will often incorporate energy work in a Regression Therapy session when needed, always with the clients permission. Sometimes Healing Touch, or energy work, is recommended prior to hypnotherapy and The Body Code, as it brings the client back to a place of calm and peace prior to starting deeper work, and places the client in the most optimal state in which to heal. I offer Healing Touch sessions by appointment, either at my office or remotely.