Letting Go with The Body Code

I’ve heard so many times, “Just let it go!”, but it is always easier said than done. I am so glad I have tools, like the Body Code, to help me with that. These tools help me navigate the process. They allow me to not hold on quite so tight or be so sad with the change. To say goodbye to the old with gratitude and embrace the new. Letting go with the Body Code has been so helpful for me. It allows me be a little bit more like the quote I recently heard, “When the leaves fall from the tree, they don’t try to hold on”. To be like the leaves!

I’ve had a lot of change lately and a lot of letting go. I sold my house of thirty years and moved out. Thirty years worth of photos, letters (yes, handwritten letters) bank statements, ski suits I made over thirty years ago and even a long forgotten prom dress. Yikes. I moved all of it and then moved my twins to college.

I had been so busy with moving that I thought it would take my mind off of their leaving. After all, I have known it was going to happen for the past nineteen years, and as I am excited for them in their new adventure, I thought I was not going to be sad. I was also moving in with the love of my life and I felt that would supersede any sadness I might feel over the change. In addition, I love what I do with my healing work – helping people with the Emotion Code and Body Code is my passion, and I am excited about my future of helping people. Certainly I would not be sad as I was embarking on a new adventure as well.

I came face to face with that as I drove toward home after leaving my son in a heart wrenching (for me, anyway) goodbye.

I realized for the first time that it was the end of a chapter. The completion of my nineteen-year project. Suddenly I felt bereft and overwhelmingly sad that they would never come home to me again, in that house. They had fledged the nest. Unsurprisingly, I cried much of the way home, and for the next two weeks I was on an emotional roller coaster. Feeling the sad feelings and then navigating my way to optimism and thinking about my own future.

During this time, the Body Code was invaluable to me. It enabled me to more easily process and release any emotions that were keeping me stuck in the past and preventing me from moving forward.

It is natural to feel sad in letting go, in the face of change. However, it is not natural to stay in that state for a prolonged period of time, or have it interfere with your ability to embrace the future. Life naturally brings changes, some more extreme than others, and the Body Code can help to ease those transitions.

I believe that we all need help from time to time, myself included. We are on this journey through life together and how wonderful that we can help each other to navigate it with grace and ease.