Open to Miracles… Helping Animals with the Body Code

I’ve had animals all my life, and suffer along with them when they are injured or hurt. I am saddened and near tears when I hear of animals who are abused. So I know that animals can and do suffer from trauma that can cause issues. However, I didn’t know there was a way to help them, as they cannot go to a therapist and talk about their problems or undergo hypnotherapy (I wish!). Then I read Dr. Bradley Nelson’s book, The Emotion Code. In his book, Dr. Brad relates several cases in which he was successfully helping animals with the Body Code.

Lightbulb moment! 

After reading The Emotion Code, I immediately began using the Body Code (which includes the Emotion Code but is more comprehensive), on my animals. They both provided plenty of opportunities for me…

Bela’s story

Bela is a beagle-lab mix, a beagle-dor, who I got at the age of six. She had an unknown past that I am sure involved some sort of neglect or trauma. The week after I adopted her from the shelter she escaped from my backyard to live in the wild not far from my home for thirteen days. During this time she had no food and would not come to me although I offered steak and hotdogs regularly. Antelope chased her and coyote played nearby. In the past mountain lions, wolves and even bear have been seen in that area. 

It is truly amazing that she made it through alive. 

I spotted her almost daily, but she would not come to me. She did not know who her family was and she didn’t trust anyone. Finally, half starved, she ate from my hand almost two weeks later. Only then was I able to bring her home. 

Helping animals with the Body Code

I facilitated Body Code sessions with Bela to help her adapt. My goal was to help her be less jumpy and sensitive to noise and to overcome her fear of getting in our car. I also later worked to reduce her jealous behavior with our cat. The jealousy is a work in progress, especially with our new cat!

Fat cat Fynn

Fynn came to us at the age of eight, terribly obese and in need of love and affection and a diet, all of which he received. My daughter showered him with love and they quickly became best friends. We had Fynn for two and a half years until he developed lymphoma at the age of eleven and died last year. 

My goal with Fynn was to increase his appetite, as he became extremely thin with his illness, and to optimize his state of health while he was sick. Ultimately, I helped him to transition with grace and ease when he was ready. The use of the Body Code also helped me to know he did not want any interventions such as chemotherapy. And, finally, it helped me to accept that he was ready to go.

I have found helping animals – who do not have a voice – with the Body Code, immensely gratifying. The use of muscle testing allows connection with the animal and gives them a way to communicate. This allows me to help them in ways that can make a profound difference. 

A special thanks to Dr. Brad and The Emotion Code.

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